Evaporation Pond 6 - BHP - Olympic Dam, SA



$81 Million




1,810,000 BCM


Evaporation Pond 6

The Teneo team took possession of site in March 2020 and completed all onsite works and achieved full
Practical Completion in late July 2021. Key elements of the project completed early to support the Clients
critical operational requirements. The many challenges were overcome through collaborative, best for project
decision making and the aligned and absolute focus of the Teneo and BHP teams on planning and executing
work safely and ensuring no harm to anyone. We are immensely proud of the successful outcome and of the
legacy of quality business outcomes, professional and productive relationships, and a high performing team
culture which the combined Teneo and BHP project team achieved.

Delivery of a 60 Hectare Evaporation Pond, comprising of three (3) separate composite lined cells (compacted clay and HDPE lining system) as part of BHP Olympic Dam’s Tailings Retention System (TRS) expansion. Teneo were the Principal Contractor and completed all Civil construction and geosynthetic Lining systems.
  • Earthworks:
    – Total Excavation – 1,810,000bcm
    – Total General Fill – 380,000ccm
    – Compacted Clay Liner – 310,000ccm
  • Depressurisation Toe Drains – 4,050m
  • Geocomposite Strip Drains – 68km
  • HDPE Geomembrane – 595,000m2
  •  Strip Drains – 68km
  • 112km of HDPE welding
  • Roads, Concrete FRP, Safety Barriers & Fencing

A total of 335,000 manhours were amassed on EP6, along with peak manning of 170 personnel on the continuous roster and utilising over 65 items of Teneo owned and operated heavy earthmovingmachinery.

  • An aggressive, production-driven schedule, due to the required infrastructure being critical to enable ongoing Client production operations and major shutdown planning – thus calling for absolute delivery certainty from Teneo.
  • The onset of the Covid19 global pandemic during site mobilisation in Q1 20 and the subsequent disruption, volatility and People impacts throughout the remainder of the Project.
  • Unprecedented frequency of wet and inclement weather conditions.

The Project was delivered safely on time and on budget – key deadlines met, with an exemplary safety record and zero reportable incidents. This successful outcome is due to:

  • Teneo’s completely integrated Civil and Lining delivery model, hard and honest commitment to doing what we say we will do, and living our Teneo Core Values of Delivering, Teamwork, Learning, Initiative and Caring.
  • Teneo’s extensive in-house resource capability – More than 90% of all SoW was delivered by Teneo’s own vertically integrated civil, earthworks and liner crews working 24/7 for large phases of the program – this provided the capacity and agility for us to quickly implement adaptive resourcing
    strategies to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities.
  • Teneo’s ability to implement and develop flexible and adaptive rostering solutions, innovative weather mitigation practices, and optimise work fronts across day and night shifts – all crucial factors in Teneo adapting safely to changes and challenges to deliver with certainty.

A safe, high-quality outcome delivered on time and on budget – again.

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