Waste Containment

Teneo specialise in the design and construction of solutions for the waste management. Key capabilities include landfill cell development including bulk civil earthworks, piggy-back lining systems, permanent and temporary capping (including geosynthetic, clay and ET caps), leachate and stormwater ponds, surface water drains and structures, landfill gas collection systems, leachate management and disposal and slope stabilisation works. Teneo also specialise in the development of bespoke containment solutions including onsite mono-cells and multi-barrier critical containment ponds.

Landfill Cell and Capping

Modern landfill design incorporates the use of multi-layered, engineered lining systems to assist in the containment and management of domestic and hazardous waste. These systems allow the management and collection of the leachate and gas produced. Teneo have the capability to provide all civil earthwork services, expertise for the best material selection and also quality assured installation of all geosynthetic lining products. 

Surface Water Lagoons

Wastewater storage and evaporation lagoons are used to retain wastewater for treatment before reuse or disposal via evaporation or discharge. At Teneo we have the unique ability to deliver complete containment solutions by incorporating the civil earthworks and synthetic liner installation. The lagoon earthworks must be designed and constructed to meet the specifications and requirements for the geosynthetic material to effectively contain the waste and provide a high-quality comprehensive system. For this reason, we are recognised as the market leading containment company providing solutions to the landfill sector.

Landfill Gas Recovery 

Landfill gas is collected through a network of extraction wells and transported via HDPE pipelines where it is either used to power an engine, burned off at an on-site flare or for smaller gas volumes treated through a passive bio-filter. Gas wells are drilled into the landfill and slotted HDPE well pipes collect the gas.  Teneo supply and install all elements of the landfill gas extraction system, from the gas wells to manifolds. Teneo liaise and work closely with leading landfill engine and flare manufacturers to provide a complete solution.