Mining Operations

Teneo offers a full range of containment solutions for the Mining industry with the ability to deliver projects that store even the most volatile products. Teneo is a locally owned and operated, with an active hands-on management team, guaranteeing open and effective communication with our clients, contractors and installers. We are always focused on meeting the client’s objectives, delivering the project safely and on time, and have been relied on to produce results in challenging environments.

Evaporation Ponds

Teneo specialise in the civil construction and installation of geosynthetics for evaporation ponds. Evaporation Ponds are also typically used to cover very large surface areas for the purpose of separating liquids from solids by exposure to sunlight. These have been used to separate water from ore in the mining industry; salt from seawater and water from hazardous waste to allow minimisation of transportation costs and disposal. Our civil construction capability combined with our extensive knowledge of geosynthetic material reduces the contractor interface risk allowing for seamless installation and delivery of world class containment systems.

Tailings Dams

Extraction industries rely on cost effective and efficient lining systems for containment solutions as part of the central process. We provide strict monitoring of the system from material quality sheets to documentation of all aspects of the installation process and commissioning of the system. Teneo has a proven track record in delivering quality installations on-time and within budget in this sector. Our strict quality control measures and highly trained personnel are key to the overall success of a project, giving the client and other stakeholders the comfort they require for the full duration of a project.

Caustic Soda
Containment Systems

Teneo have successfully completed five caustic soda containment facilities, dominating the market and making us an industry leader on an international scale. Correct membrane selection is essential as well as efficient earthwork preparation and material procurement. Prioritising environmental concerns is also part of our core ethos, and our dedicated Environmental Policy outlines our commitment to achieving the highest standards of environmental sustainability through risk and compliance with all relevant sire policies and regulations.