The original and the best, Teneo is the market leader for lining solutions. Our experience in civil construction paired with geomembrane supply and installation practices are second to none. With knowledge and access to the highest quality materials, seasoned specialised staff who have worked in all conditions, experienced estimating and design professionals who excel at creating fit-for-purpose solutions, our product is guaranteed to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.


We employee highly skilled andTeneo only procures and installs materials from market leading manufacturers such as Solmax, Artafil, Layfield, Axter, Geofabrics, Global Synthetics and regularly undertakes independent third-party testing to ensure materials meet or exceed the project requirements. Teneo also undertakes audits, using trained independent parties, to ensure the manufacturing plants and MQA testing laboratories meet or exceed the Global Synthetic Institute (GSI), legislative and project requirements. This ensures that the materials meet the project requirements prior to shipment and delivery to site; enabling Teneo to significantly minimises any delays with any non-complaint material being issued to site.


Teneo have extensive experience and are specialised installers of the following types of Geosynthetic material:

– Geotextiles
– Bituminous GMB
– Geo-composites

IAGI Certified

Teneo’s technicians are International Association of Geosynthetic Installers (IAGI) Certified Welders. Certification verifies that the welders employed by Teneo have experience in geomembrane welding and meet or exceed industry standards.