Civil Earthworks

Teneo pride themselves on being able to provide a complete solution, either as principal contractor for both earthworks and geosynthetic installation works, or to help you solve a specific issue as part of a broader team. Our in-house civil earthworks expertise, combined with utilising our own heavy-duty equipment and Teneo operators, allows us to develop a ‘best for project’ approach for all our clients. We have one of the largest containment installation teams in Australia made up of highly skilled project managers, schedulers, cost engineers, machine operators, civil engineers, quality, safety and construction managers

Civil and Lining Delivery

Teneo’s ability to deliver both the civil and lining functions for containment systems for the water, waste, mining and oil and gas industries sets us apart. We like to engage as early as possible with the client and/or the asset owner for the project to bring best practice design and technical expertise to the table. Our multi-aspect assessment of each project requirements considers the surrounding environment, weather and environmental conditions and the liquid or materials being contained. 

Plant, Equipment & Staff

We employee highly skilled and qualified managers, supervisors, engineers and machine operators who operate waste compactors, dozers, excavators, backhoes, graders, rollers, dump trucks and watercarts. The seamless management of Teneo’s civil and geosynthetic supervisors under the one construction manager ensure projects are completed at the highest quality, safely and on time and to budget. All Teneo construction managers and supervisors are certified to meet all environmental, OH&S requirements while Teneo’s geosynthetic installers are TWI and IAGI certified. 

Construction Expertise

Optimising for the most cost effect solution, while meeting project design intent through value engineering is core to Teneo. Teneo’s unique in-house design and construction experience allows an ‘early contractor’ involvement perspective to be applied to each project, maximising value by critically assessing and optimising:

  • Design requirements and design intent.
  • Material selection and CQC.
  • Constructability.
Our business is large enough to be flexible in our work, but small enough that senior managers and supervisors are on the ground daily, communicating directly with crews to ensure we do it right the first time.