Wyndham City Council Cell 5


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Wyndham City Council Cell 5

Wyndham City Council awarded Teneo as principal contractor to complete the construction of Landfill Cell 5 in 2018. The works included earthworks, asbestos contaminated soil management and geomembrane liner installation.

In December 2019, Teneo completed the construction of Landfill Cell 5 for Wyndham City Council. The construction of Landfill Cell 5, the largest single cell landfill in Victoria, comprised of +450,000m3 of engineered fill, clay liner and aggregates, as well as +440,000m2 of geosynthetic liners.

Final leak detection was undertaken on the 6th of December with practical completion just prior to Christmas.

The project was not without its challenges. The installation of the liner was prolonged due to the notoriously wet Melbourne winter month however our integrated civil and lining model was key in overcoming all challenges, ensuring the highest quality project outcome for the client.

  • Clearing and proof-rolling of Cell foundation
  • Soil and rock – 600,000m3
  • Construction of compacted clay layer – 25,200m3
  • Installation of GCL, Geomembrane liner and cushion textile – 250,000m2
  • Installation of leachate collection system comprising
  • leachate collection sump; perforated leachate pipework; drainage aggregate layer; filter textile; flushing pipes
  • Diversion drainage work
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