Swanbank Stage 1B Cell 7



$11 Million






Swanbank Stage 1B Cell 7

Appointed by Remondis as principal contractor, Teneo delivered all works on site including civil earthworks, geosynthetic liner interface and configuration as well as the pipework. Despite a live creek diversion with in excess of 50,000m3 of additional unsuitable materials, 250,000m3 of rock drill and blast and unseasonably wet conditions the project still finished on time. The Teneo team found innovation and value adds for this project through changes to the design and construct methodology. Changes include but not limited to Creek diversions, Culvert structures, clay bunds and rock placement over liner techniques.

  • Clearing and grubbing of site – Cell 7 work
  • Bulk excavation soil and rock – 600,000m3
  • Construction of compacted clay layer – 25,200m3
  • Installation of GCL, Geomembrane liner and cushion textile – 250,000m2
  • Installation of leachate collection system comprising leachate collection sump; perforated leachate pipework; drainage aggregate layer; filter textile; flushing pipes
  • Diversion drainage works
  • Backfilling of existing open cut mine pit, including management of water
  • Installation of culverts and placement of erosion protection measures
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