Phosphate Hill Cell 5B


Man Hours

$68 Million




592,000 BCM


Gypsum Cell 5B

The Teneo team are thrilled to announce the completion of the Cell 5B Gypsum Stack project for Incitec Pivot at the Phosphate Hill Mine site, North West Queensland.

As principal contractor, Teneo completed both the civil construction components and the complex geosynthetic systems in December 2019.

Phosphate Hill was one of the most remote and challenging sites for the Teneo team. Despite mobilisation and resource challenges, the team proudly delivered another project safely, on time and on budget.

  • Minor demolition of existing structures
  • Environmental Controls
  • Bulk Earthworks, Site Grading
  • Ground surface treatment 450,000m2
  • Cut to fill & trimming all stages 500,000 m3
  • Approx. 31 hectares of 1.5-mm double-sided textured HDPE liner, approx.  10 hectares of 1.5mm smooth HDPE liner, over the proposed gypsum cushion area.
  • HDPE Textured lining to floors, walls & batters 441,654m2
  • Vent System Outlet Pipes
  • Field seaming and Installing HDPE geonet-geotextile composite vent strips 41,721m2
  • HDPE liner seep shields for the drain outlets.
  • Triplanar Drain filtration system 15,038m2
  • Poly Propylene Filter Fabric 400/m2 Drain filtration system 43,000m2
  • Drain filtration system – 9,000 Lm of HDPE slotted pipe
  • 4.5 km HDPE Water transfer pipeline
  • 60,000 m3 gypsum cushion layer placed
  • 270,000 m3 gypsum placed for access roads, underdrain and starter dyke systems
  • 660,000 tonnes of gypsum hauled from plant – 11.5km route – 26,400 circuits – over 300,000 kms for our Moxy fleet
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