Teneo have specialised in the design, supply and installation of containment systems for the water industry for over 30 years. During this time, our experience and knowledge has been constantly developed to ensure we stay abreast of the industry. To date, we have worked on projects ranging from concrete reservoir refurbishments to applications including baffle curtains, potable water combined lagoons, floating cover systems and canals.

We at Teneo, understand that the selection of the correct geomembrane liner can improve reservoir performance, extend the lifetime of a facility or increase the design life of a new facility. Our expertise of geosynthetic materials and solid civil construction experience allows us to deliver the complete solution for our clients, eliminating the need to manage multiple contractors. The extensive and diverse range of experience offered by Teneo’s design team will ensure the arrival at a cost-effective solution that has been specifically tailored to suit your needs.

Our containment systems are designed to contain potable and non-potable water with the key focus being on ensuring a quality system which is guaranteed to preserve one of the world most precious natural resources. Teneo’s quality systems ensure the highest standards of installation, containment and ongoing hygiene and specification conformance.


Teneo’s experience and knowledge of waste management facilities is unrivalled. Teneo’s combination of both technical design and extensive construction experience, provides a unique ability to ensure all waste containment projects are optimised in both design intent and environmental compliance.

Services for the waste industry include landfill cell constructions, landfill capping systems, temporary capping systems, leachate lagoons, surface water lagoons, floating covers, gas extraction systems and slope stabilisation works. Teneo’s installation teams consist of vastly experienced TWI or IAGI certified technicians to ensure quality installations are carried out safely and to the highest standard. Our construction and installation teams have successfully worked and completed numerous containment projects together and are ready to bring their expertise to wherever the next project takes them, including some of the most remote locations in Australia. 

Teneo’s projects range from single-layered temporary systems to multi-layered permanent systems with design life in excess of 30 years. Teneo can also include ongoing leak detection, erosion control and monitoring capabilities within all our  geosynthetic containment systems.


Correct material selection is essential for the long-term containment of by-products produced by the oil and gas industries. Backed by over 30 years experience, Teneo can provide a diverse range of cost-effective containment solutions specifically tailored to our client’s needs. 

Our containment systems are designed to contain anything from water to the most aggressive materials. From permanent to temporary storage solutions, Teneo has a range of products and systems to safely and securely store the diverse range of liquids produced by the oil and gas industries. Teneo’s quality systems ensure the highest standards of installation, containment and specification conformance.

The reputation of Teneo and their quality systems has led to the successful completion of high-risk projects for Origin Energy, QGC, Shell and SSE Generation.



Extraction industries rely on cost effective and efficient containment solutions as part of the central process. Teneo provide construction solutions, material selection and strict monitoring from material quality sheets to documentation of all aspects of the installation process, as well as commissioning of the system.

Teneo also provides full turn-key civil construction services utilising our own modern plant and equipment. Our construction experience combined with full lining installation expertise, sees us best placed to take on tailing, evaporation and waste containment ponds for the mining sector throughout Australia.