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/ te-ne-o /   [ V E R B ]   Latin

To Contain   |   Hold   |   Retain  |   Keep   |  Restrain 

Containment is in our name and it’s what we do best. ‘Teneo’, derived from Latin for containment defines our expertise and sees us as the only vertically integrated containment delivery team in Australia.


The original and the best, Teneo is the market leader for lining solutions. Our experience in civil construction paired with geomembrane supply and installation practices are second to none.


Culverts, Creek diversions, Barriers, Concrete spillway, Rock armour, Roads, Pipelines, Fencing, Leachate collection system, Erosion protection and more.


Extraction industries rely on tailings dams, ponds and evaporation systems as part of the central process. Teneo’s civil earthwork and lining capabilities allows us to deliver the highest quality containment solutions to various clients within the mining industry.


Our experience and knowledge of waste related containment systems is unrivalled. Teneo provide landfill cell constructions, capping systems, leachate lagoons, surface water lagoons, floating covers, gas extraction systems and slope stabilisation works.
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