Energy and Gas Solutions

Our complete containment systems are designed to contain anything from water to the most aggressive materials. From permanent to temporary storage solutions, Teneo has a range of products and systems to safely and securely store the diverse range of liquids produced by the oil and gas industries. Geomembranes and drainage geocomposites are central components in the storage of waste-water and brine within the Coal Seam Gas (CSG) industry.

Brine Storage Containment 

Brine storage facilities are a key capability of Teneo. With an extensive range of project experience as a company and as individuals, the quality of our construction, design and installation process is world class. The general characteristics of CSG water is that it is brackish with a high PH. High quality HDPE geomembrane, as part of a case-specific lining system, are well-suited for the containment of this water.

Leak Detection 

Teneo offers a full range of containment related services outside of the initial construction and installation. These services stem from an ongoing commitment to quality that starts from the first assessment of the system and liner as a while from any leaks or potentially weak areas. The system is maintained periodically to ensure that this level of quality is continually manages for the full lifespan of the system.